Who we are

Everdive Marine Service specializes in arranging underwater cleaning for vessels in the most relevant ports worlwide.

During our beginnings in 2013, the company was located in the port of Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands. Given the increase in requests from our customers, we quickly expanded our base ports to Tenerife, Algeciras, and Gibraltar.

However, since adaptability to tight vessels' schedules is key at Everdive, we continue to grow and expand our service globally with the aim of adjusting to our clients' shipping routes.

As a leading comercial diving market, Everdive Marine Service currently covers the main ports in all the continents in order to provide the most effective underwater solutions.

Our mission

Everdive’s mission is to ease owners’ and charterers’ task of hiring a cleaning and repair service for their vessels. Our greatest aim is to deliver the best results to our costumers in conjunction with tailor-made solutions.

Our vision

Our vision focuses on being recognized as the leading underwater operations company in geographically strategic areas globally, such as the Canary Islands and the Gibraltar Strait, where our brand is already well established and acknowledged by clients and professionals in the shipping industry as one of the main companies for UW ops.

Our values

Communication is key for us. In Everdive, we make sure our clients have all the relevant information at their disposal at all times.


We ensure that all our customers’ needs are catered for and ready to move to plan B, if necessary. Thanks to our global coverage, we offer our clients alternatives in situations such as a tight schedule, bad weather or port congestion.


We are experts in carrying out smooth operations. In our business culture, our head divers are concerned with avoiding and resolving any possible technical or coordination difficulties that may arise during operations to minimize time as much as possible.


Underwater operations are quite challenging: decompression, sea currents, poor visibility, etc. It is for that reason that the safety of our divers is the utmost priority. We will never put the team at risk under any circumstances.