Underwater inspection

The periodic underwater inspections are essential as it reveals valuable information. Our diving teams will be your eyes underwater and perform different types of inspections according to your requests.

Thanks to the UWI, it is possible to check the fouling state of the hull, which affects the vessels’ performance. Likewise, shipowners may obtain a global evaluation of the paint and antifouling systems’ state and detect possible damage that the vessel may have suffered in the hull and propeller.

  • Hull photo inspection: high-quality photographic evidence of all submerged areas.
  • Hull video inspections: divers will record all submerged areas of the vessel with a high-quality handy cam.
  • CCTV inspections and class surveys: in-water CCTV surveys provide live footage of the UWI, where class surveyors, the Master, or the Superintendent are welcome to monitor and guide the inspection.