Propeller polishing

The propeller is a vital part of the vessel as it transforms the mechanical energy of the propeller shaft into thrust energy in the water. Therefore, it is no wonder that propeller inspections and polishing is an integral part of the maintenance of trading vessels in the shipping industry.

Through frequent propeller polishing services, we prevent the generation of thick layers of biofouling, which directly affect the proper functioning of the propeller. Furthermore, many studies state that by only cleaning and polishing the propellers, the vessel may increase speed by at least over 0.5 and save almost 6% of fuel consumption.

There is a wide range of results within propeller polishing according to the Rupert scale. The Ruper A result achieves maximum smoothness and have immediate and the most effective effects on the speed and the vessel’s performance.

One of the biggest advantages of propeller polishing is that it usually requires less time than a full hull cleaning, adjusting to vessels tight schedules. In addition, this service is allowed in many ports around the world, since environmental restrictions generally affect underwater hull cleaning.